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Meaning of SMH and How to Use It in a Sentence

In the current world, there are a lot of words and phrases that continue to be used in communication. All these have come to be developed and combined in the so-called urban dictionary. These phrases continue to be used alongside technology as a communication pattern among people who understand what they mean. One such is the “SMH” phrase. You will find that many people regularly use this abbreviation in text, emails, Twitter, chat rooms, Facebook, and other social media when they are communicating with one another. SMH can be used to mean ‘shaking my head’ or ‘shaking my head.’ The same word can be used with others such as TIK TOK and GIF on Instagram.

Typically, one needs to use SMH in the same manner that he would laugh or smile sarcastically. It could be that the person sending the message means a goof or a mishap of some sort with the physical response of shaking their head in amusement, laughter, disgusted, or not surprised at all if they were standing together. There is a need to know that a lot of people use SMH for several emotional responses. Even though few will admit it, people use SMH then they are trying to live through a public figure or another person vicariously. Perhaps you might have found yourself doing the same when you are watching YouTube videos from some celebrities. Learn about vicariously here!

If you are new to these things, perhaps you could be wondering how you can use SMH in a sentence that you want to make. For example, you can say this in a sentence “That Post Malone song is great, SMH I can believe how he came up with that jam.” That way, you are showing how amused you are with Post Malone’s music. In another case, you may want to reply to a text or a video or a photo that someone sent to you, and you can reply and say, “This is funny, SMH,” showing that you are laughing or smiling about it. See some interesting facts here!

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